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CTA Academy, located in Seattle, is a school for classical and traditional learning, movement arts, and etiquette. Our passion is to provide an immersive environment where serious students of living lineage arts may continue in-depth practice under qualified masters and instructors. Our academy offers a range of ongoing programs, workshops and lectures exploring techniques, methodologies and direct practices of traditional arts from varying cultures. We feel strongly these arts are quintessential to the refinement of an individual through logic, deportment, self-discipline and manners.

Our schedules for classical fencing, flamenco, ballet, etiquette and educational lectures will be posted soon. In the interim, please feel free to contact us for further details: 206-849-9414.




Intro to Flamenco

Flamenco technique starting from scratch for beautiful hand and arm movements, footwork, rhythmical clapping, and we will learn a fast, fun dance in 4/4 rhythm called Rumba Gitana.

Flamenco I

From learning the Rumba Gitana, we will move to Sevillanas. After refining the technique, the class will work on improvising with the Rumba.

Flamenco II

A continued detailed focus on technique, rhythm and choreography.

Flamenco III

This class focuses on more choreography with many techniques in 12's, a very challenging and beautiful alegrias using the abanico (fan). There is a strong emphasis on compas, hands, correct arm and body line. We also review our other dances: Sevillanas & Rumba.

Classical Ballet

While classical ballet grew up in the states and courts of Europe, it continues to allow us to transcend our daily motions and connect with a greater universal order.

Our ballet classes our grounded in Vaganova technique and are conducted slowly and methodically. Perfect for students who are new or are interested in taking ballet up again.


  • Ana Montes

Classical Fencing

Classical fencing or what is considered fencing’s “golden age” flourished during the 19th Century when the fencing arts were highly systematized, codified, and thoroughly documented. During this time, training with the dueling sword and dueling sabre was conducted under serious conditions as if one were preparing for the eventuality of a duel. The practice of foil, not technically considered a weapon, allowed the art of fencing to be developed to a virtuosic height, with an exacting focus placed on the perfection of form, grace of carriage, flawless accuracy and genius of execution.


  • Cecil Longino


CTA Academy holds regular lectures and workshops, open to the public, on a range of topics. The subject material for lectures may range from the history of Flamenco to philosophy or the history of fencing. Workshops, in specific, cover physical practice of these arts or specific techniques involved. Please check our schedule for past and upcoming lectures or workshops.


  • Ana Montes
  • Cecil Longino

“The teachings of the master are revered for their beauty and logic, but also because they are the only connection the younger dancer has to the past...”

Jennifer Homans, Apollo's Angels


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